Meet Allie & Ginny


I've been a Buffy fan for at least 20 years (gulp). I saw the movie first, and then a few episodes of the show during summer reruns of Season 3, and I was a regular viewer for the 6th and 7th seasons (thank you, UPN for airing everywhere). I have been a dedicated repeat viewer ever since I bought the series DVD box set in college, which is also when I made Ginny start watching too. When not talking about Buffy or the Whedonverse, I enjoy baking and cooking for my food blog, Tea and Fog, so there is my shameless plug for that. 

Favorite Big Bad: The Mayor

Favorite line: "You have fruit punch mouth."

Favorite episode: "Hush"

Least Favorite episode: Maybe "Witch"? I know I'm supposed to say "I Robot, You Jane"

Favorite season: Don't ask me, it changes every time I rewatch

Favorite finale: "Graduation Day" but also probably tied with "Restless"

#teamcookiedough (but also #teamangel)



I didn't watch Buffy until Allie made me, senior year of college (thanks, Allie). Since then I have been perpetually rewatching the series, and I don't usually go more than a few days without bringing Buffy up in conversation. I always get emotional when Angel punches a bunch of vamps in the season 3 finale, but I am staunchly Team Spike.

Favorite Big Bad: The Mayor

Favorite line: "Oh my god, did it sing?"

Favorite episode: "Graduation Day"

Least favorite episode: Not sure. I also don't hate  "I Robot, You Jane". It has definitely  circled back around to "so bad it's good" territory

Season ranking (fave to least fave): 3, 2, 5, 6, 4, 1, 7

Favorite finale: Graduation Day (obvi, see above)